Safe Haven Ministries is a non-profit ministry that has a desire to see people come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour before it is too late! We really believe that the end is not that far off and we must get our friends, loved ones and all that we can reach through the ministry, the message of Christ, which is The Plan of Salvation!  Our mission statement is:

Safe Haven Ministries goal is to promote the cause of Christ and to spread "The Good News" pertaining to the plan of salvation by God the Father, carried out by God the Son, and witnessed in our hearts by God the Holy Spirit through the preaching of His word, the singing of gospel songs, the writing of inspired material, the educating of children, the counseling of those in need, and aiding in providing for the physical needs of our society. 

Our immediate goals are:

To help Lumber River Quartet with their bus expenses. This will keep the bus moving all over the USA  and Canada promoting Salvation. 
Planning retreats with different Christian themes to help people renew their strength in Christ in all aspects of life. 
To visit our nursing homes local and across the US and Canada and uplift the spirits of the sick and elderly.
To support His Little Ones Pregnancy Center and encourage young women to have their babies and not to abort!
To have crusades all over to promote the message of Christ in song and to preach the word!
To support the ministry of Mr. Eddie Roush who is a man of God that writes songs and poetry to uplift God's people and also to offer, through Jesus Christ, salvation for those who don't know the Lord. 

If you would like to donate to Safe Haven, you can do so by clicking on the donation button below or click on the donation tab at the top of any page. This is a tax deductible contribution. If you would like to mail your donation you can send checks and money orders to: Safe Haven Ministries,  7244 Seventh Street Road,  Lumberton, NC.  28358.  To do a credit or debit card over the phone, call 910-736-1356. Thanks and God Bless, Safe Haven Ministries. 

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These are the board members for Safe Haven Ministries:

Glenn West
Carolyn West
Treva Lewis
Rev. Rick Rigney
Mrs. Tina Rigney
Mrs. Rebekah Kriston
Ms. Kayla McLean
Mrs. Audrey McLean

Please Pray that God will lead and direct us in the things that He wants us to do.