Request for prayer

Prayer LIst

Elders and Deacons at the Independent Christian Churches in India- They preach salvation through Jesus Christ- Please pray God give them the finances they need to spread the word.
Elizabeth West-God lead in her life.
Anna And Caleb West- God Be with them every day to protect them and guide them.
Pamela Hancock- Please pray for Pam's son, He needs to be saved. He has a drinking and drug problem. Pray God touch him.
Shirley Corporong- Pray for speech and that she can walk. She is a LRQ fan!
Eric McDonald- Pray for Salvation that God radically changes his life.That he put his past behind him and live for Christ! To Become the New Creature that God said He would make of all of us.
Scotty Samuels- That is wife can get a visa and come to the US.
Jodi Seigfried- Our friend Dale's daughter. Please pray God touch her in a mighty way!
C-  pray that he and all his loved ones be set free from the attack of all evil. That he put all his faith into Jesus Christ.
Shirley Ford- Please pray for Shirley Ford who has Melanoma Cancer that has spread to her lungs that God Heal her. Also pray for her family in this time!

Samantha- Ignoring her parents and avoiding them. She is breaking her parents heart. Please pray The Holy Spirit touch her

Veronica Britt-Currie (Pnut)-  Cancer treatments. Pray they work and God heals!

Henrietta McLean- Monitoring for cancer

Pam Brewster- fighting cancer

Garry Britt- Glenn went to school with Garry. Garry was a great athlete. suffered stroke during surgery. Please remember him especially his eyesight

Nina Barnes- Nina has cancer and is only 20 years old. Please pray God touch her.

Mary Fehr- Please pray the God touch her son and grandson, Wayne and Devin. that they would find their way back to God.

B- Please say a prayer for Bill Hiebert who is fighting lung cancer

Jean Helms- Colon Cancer. Please pray for her health!

Sunil Jaiswal- Her mother, Janak Dulari Jaiswai, is suffering from cancer in breast, lung, bone, and brain. Kindly pray for her. She in 49 years old. Pray God's special touch for Janak and peace for her famil

Garret Beasley- Pray for continued health improvement

Cesar Rosalia Laput- He has stage 3 Cancer and recurrent Lung cancer and he can't afford his medicine. Please pray that Philippine Charity Sweepstakes will assist in the finances

Martina- Please pray for me. I am very ill. My organs are destroyed. I need a miracle to survive. Thank you.

Shagufta- Bless their church in in Pakistan.

Martina- pray for a healing miracle because she suffers from stroke and heart disease.

Cheryl Peters- Bible study class on how to handle cancer. Give people hope. Pray that ones with cancer can get encouragement. Also pray for Jenny to really meet Jesus and come to know Him

Dena Antoinette Chisholm- Pray God's will for Jason, Mary Ollie's hearing that she needs, and for Dena who needs healing touch.

John Robert- God's healing touch

Mrs. Sarita Rao- Please pray for complete recovery from breast cancer. She is a believer and needs our prayer support. 

Humphrey- Pray that Jiri and Katherine would accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Ajay Raj- Please pray for Senior who is suffering from cancer. Please meet all his needs for treatment. Pray for Ajay and his exams and work. Pray for Ajay's spiritual growth. Pray for his friends success also.

Reid- was born into a family of satanic worshipers. Reid wants prayer for him and his friends to be delivered from this. They also receive threats from these people. Please pray a way of escape and to give him and his friends the peace and protection that they need at this time. Reid is being tortured for trying to follow Jesus. Also pray for his breathing problems also.

Il Cross- Pray not to lose job in the administration wing to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Angel Stera- Pray for her relationship

Michael Norman Moore- Needs a financial blessing to meet his debt. Pray God help them

Anna Surfluh- Pray for her son that he comes back to Jesus. He suffers depression and no sleep. He needs the peace that God gives. 

Ruthie Grady-  healing from breast cancer and restore her to good health. 

Pastor Thieringo- God's blessings

Sony- Financial blessings

John- Pray for Healing physically and financial blessings

David- Suitable job. Free from financial distress

Hinga Aloysious Lamin- Pray for financial blessings. Pray for her family as well

James- Pray God just touch his whole situation to bless him with total happiness!

Rebecca- Pray for problems of the world to be solved

Michael Moore- Pray for him and his family who are in financial distress

Brenda Morris- Pray for financial blessings and find someone to love her

Marie Grace- Please pray that God give peace to her and family in times of war and violence.

Glynis Renee Jordan- Pray for well being and that God Bless the desires of her heart

Sony- Please Keep daughter Henna in for for delivery of healthy baby.

Pastor William Morgan- Heart transplant needed. Please pray he find one soon and be able to get back to his church.

Diane Nash- Will have heart Cath on March 10 in the morning time. Please pray God's hand on her.